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09-01 Tucson, AZ
10-16 Portland,OR
10-17 Seattle, WA
10-19 San Francisco, CA
10-20 Sacramento
10-21 Los Angeles

Steve Wynn
New Release,New Video (Featuring John Paul Jones!), European Tour Dates, Extra-Tv Feature, Digital Release Of "How We Found Ourselves....Everywhere" And....More!!


New Release
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No cure for the summertime blues? Well, let's see what we can do to remedy that sunshine season malaise.

First up, here's a brand new video of a live version of "How Did I Find Myself Here" as performed with John Paul Jones at the Sun Station Vadsø festival up in Norway exactly one year ago. Thanks to JPJ's wild outer-space purple lap steel guitar explorations and the ensuing stringed interplay shenanigans, this version gets even freakier than the one that appeared on our studio album last year. Jason and John duke it out, toe to toe, fret to fret and no one gets out alive. Filmed and edited by Nick Edwards, who also did our "Filter Me Through You" video.

This version of HDIFMH (as we so lovingly call it) also appears on our sold-out Record Store Day release "How We Found Ourselves....Everywhere." Didn't manage to snag a copy on April 21? No worries—it will be released later this month on all digital sales and streaming outlets. Grab yours from the fluffy clouds on June 22.

Tour Dates

Tour PosterAh, late June! That will be around the time when Steve, Jason, Mark, Dennis and Chris meet up in Spain for an appearance at the legendary Azkena Festival in Vitoria before zooming over to Italy for 5 more shows to round out the month. You can see all of the dates on this poster (click for big version) and top right of this page!


Our pal Adam Weissler came to our sound check at the Troubadour in LA in April to film and interview us for a feature on Extra-TV. That segment will run this week but also will be posted online for viewing at your convenience. Stay tuned.

and more!

And then there are upcoming shows at the "Square Roots" festival in Chicago and a stop at the Turf Club in St. Paul, Minnesota before we shuffle off to Richmond, Virginia to make our new album. For some reason we can't help ourselves from calling it our second record. We do hear that there was a band in the 80's that had the same name as us— and we're glad to pay tribute to them now and then. But this is a new era. And we're glad to have you along for the ride, you groovy people you.

Let's blast those summertime blues to the high heavens. See you all soon.

Steve, Jason, Mark, Dennis, Chris.

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